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Meet Your Host: Sarona Wolter

Hi, I’m Sarona Wolter. I’m a South African living in Bonn, Germany.

I love creating thought-provoking content in various forms, from blogging to podcasts to social media posts. As a creative content strategist, I love creating strategies that connect people around the world and promote brands through authentic storytelling.

How You Can Work With Me

You can book me for a corporate workshop or a brainstorming.


If you think you have an inspiring story to tell, reach out to us and tell us why you should be on the podcast.

Corporate Workshop

Learn to build bridges, not walls, with our workshop on Intercultural Communication. Geared towards creating an open global mindset within the workplace.


Need to consult an independent consultant on how to address transformational topics in your social media marketing strategy, I’m happy to engage and advise.


Book me for a corporate talk, workshop or brainstorming session

Born out of a need to connect with people and having to pivot my career and mindset since moving from South Africa to Germany, I developed a gift of communicating with people and became a somewhat ‘accidental’ communications specialist.

Passionate about social justice, I use my platform to challenge the status quo in regards to diversity and equality topics.

"My curiosity and love of connecting people led me to start Hypewomen the Podcast during lockdown in 2020."

Sarona Wolter sitting with her daughter and laughing


We can all see a bit of ourselves in someone else's story

Some people have the kind of stories that will make you look at your own life with renewed awe and wonder and some will inspire you to start that business you’ve always wanted to start.


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Hypewomen Podcast is for people who want to change the narrative of their life. We tap into the stories and mindsets of empowered women from all walks of life around the world. What do they have that you don’t? Take a listen to find out.