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Welcome to the Hypewomen, a podcast for women that celebrates the womenhood

Downloaded in more than 69 countries around the world, we are building a community of women who are forward-thinking, tired of the same old stereotypes. Through this podcast, we empower women to change the narrative of their lives and how better to do this than by elevating the voices of women globally and letting them tell their own story. See all episodes >

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Challenging the status quo in regards to diversity and equality

I’m a South African law graduate and writer who courageously swopped an all year round summer in South Africa for a handsome German, ‘Fussball’ and a measly 5 days of summer in her new hometown of Bonn.

During the lockdown in 2020, my curiosity and love of connecting with people led me to create a podcast for women: Hypewomen the Podcast.


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The Hypewomen Blog features articles about womanhood, relationships, motherhood, and more. We explore and celebrate women’s journeys by sharing stories, reviews, favourite things, and more.

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Corporate Talks, Workshops & Webinars

Sarona Wolter offers talks to companies on a variety of diversity and inclusion topics and is very happy to design a bespoke talk, webinar or workshop based on your needs.

Book a call if there is a particular area you would like to focus on that would be beneficial for your team.

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Hypewomen Podcast is for people who want to change the narrative of their life. We tap into the stories and mindsets of empowered women from all walks of life around the world. What do they have that you don’t? Take a listen to find out.