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Networking Masterclass


A 3-week masterclass – with tips for connecting confidently  and growing a network in a foreign country. 
If luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity , then prepared to get lucky. 
Last year I made a decision to bet on myself, I was stuck in my small circle and I knew that if I didn’t do something – I would stay stuck. I reached out to a friend to get me an invite to an event in Berlin. I had to pay the travel costs but I was able to meet some influential women who inspired me to dream bigger. 
It didn’t stop there, in fact it was only getting started. Within a few weeks I got another invite to an event in Davos. This was crazy! I almost didn’t go because it was so expensive. But it was also an opportunity that could be so much more than I imagined. After some coaxing, I decided to bet on myself again. I went and it was even wilder than the event in Berlin. I met rooms full of women who were influential change makers – women I could now reach out to and willing to support my endeavours.  The experience made me realise how much I needed to dream bigger. 
A good network speeds up your success. 
Join us on the Networking Masterclass to learn more on how to step out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s to get invited to some high profile events or simply connecting with like-minded people – this is the masterclass to be. 
  • 1,5 hours a week  via Zoom Video Call
  • 15; 22; 29  August 2024, 8:30 pm CET
  •  €120 per person

Week 1: Building a Strong Foundation

Session 1: Introduction to Networking

  • Understand the importance of networking.
  • Learn about different types of networks (professional, social, industry-specific).
  • Identify your networking goals.

Session 2: Elevator Pitch and Personal Branding

  • Craft a compelling elevator pitch.
  • Define your personal brand.
  • Practice introducing yourself confidently.

Week 2: Effective Networking Strategies

Session 3: Leveraging Social Media

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • Connect with industry professionals online.
  • Engage in relevant groups and discussions.

Session 4: Networking Events and Conferences

  • Prepare for networking events.
  • Approach strangers with confidence.
  • Follow up after events.

Week 3: Navigating Cultural Differences

Session 5: Networking Abroad

  • Tips for networking in a foreign country:
    • Link arms with local friends: Attend local hangout spots with study abroad friends.
    • Get ultra-involved at your host school: Participate in school activities.
    • Lock down a language buddy: Learn basic phrases in the local language.

Session 6: Overcoming Gender Bias

  • Address unconscious bias.
  • Strategies for building connections in male-dominated industries.

              Sustaining and Growing Your Network

Session 7: Follow-Up and Relationship Building

  • Effective follow-up techniques.
  • Building long-term relationships.
  • Providing value to your network.

Session 8: Networking for Career Advancement

  • Using your network for job opportunities.
  • Mentorship and sponsorship.
  • Elevating your professional profile.
Sarona Wolter is a South African born law graduate turned communications consultant. She courageously swopped an all year summer in South Africa for a handsome German, world class ‘Fussball’ and 5 days of summer in her now hometown of Bonn. 
Born out of a need to connect with people of various backgrounds, her curiosity during the 2020 lockdown, led her to create a podcast for women, called Hypewomen the Podcast.
It has since been downloaded in over 99 countries around the world. 
Sarona is committed to challenging the dominant narrative, through telling stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things on their own terms.
  • Everyone who wants to grow their circle. 

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podcast microphone and two women writing on notepads


Go Girl Accountability Group.


AIM: Move your needle. 

Maybe you want to start a podcast, give workshops or create an app. Whatever your project is, let’s build an accountability group. 10 dedicated women with goals. Let’s check in once a week to encourage, course correct and stay on plan. 


  • 1 hours via Zoom Video Call once a week 
  • 1 May 2023, 8:30 pm CET
  •  Trial session is free 

Weekly check-in accountability group of women who want to encourage each other to stay on course with their dreams. A great networking opportunity. 

We will discuss books, podcasts, processes and other key learnings to help you keep moving forward. 


contact us with your details and we will send you a confirmation. First come first serve. 


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