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Storytelling for Influence and Personal Branding


Learn to build your online profile on social media, like Linkedin etc, so that you are visible to peers in your industry. 
Ideal for the corporate introvert who hates small talk or the working mom who has no time to network in person. 
You gain both confidence and a plan to build your visibility online. 
  • 2 hours via Zoom Video Call
  • 9 October 2023, 8:30 pm CET
  •  €45 per person

What is it about?

Everyone is tired of a hard sell. But people love a good story, especially the ones we tell over the dinner table. 

A great storyteller will slowing down your thoughts, your fears and focusing on the HERE AND NOW so that you see the world differently. The same world but now with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Imagine applying this to build your corporate profile as a thought leader.

Bring your questions and let’s find solutions.

I host a podcast which helped me develop a skill for storytelling and listening to other peoples stories.


Whether it is digital storytelling or creating something of impact.

Bring your questions and let’s find solutions.

  • It’s for people who want to unlock their potential so that they can tell their story without the opinion of their boss or mum sitting on their shoulder. 
  • It’s for people who want to create something that aligns with their purpose.
  • It’s for the corporate introvert who wants to be heard and seen amidst the noise online.

Once you make the payment using the button below, we will send you an email with the meeting details. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Go Girl Accountability Group.


AIM: Move your needle. 

Maybe you want to start a podcast, give workshops or create an app. Whatever your project is, let’s build an accountability group. 10 dedicated women with goals. Let’s check in once a week to encourage, course correct and stay on plan. 


  • 1 hours via Zoom Video Call once a week 
  • 1 May 2023, 8:30 pm CET
  •  Trial session is free 

Weekly check-in accountability group of women who want to encourage each other to stay on course with their dreams. A great networking opportunity. 

We will discuss books, podcasts, processes and other key learnings to help you keep moving forward. 


contact us with your details and we will send you a confirmation. First come first serve. 


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Hypewomen Podcast is for people who want to change the narrative of their life. We tap into the stories and mindsets of empowered women from all walks of life around the world. What do they have that you don’t? Take a listen to find out.