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Mandy Sanghera is an award-winning philanthropist and global campaigner often referred to as a global catalyst. As well as being an international human rights activist,  motivational and TEDx speaker from the UK, Mandy has traveled all over the world, empowering and motivating others. 

With over three decades of experience, Mandy is an expert in various development-related fields. She has been driving innovation, building strategic partnerships, promoting advocacy, and programming in the areas of human rights, gender equality, accountability, migration and social justice globally

Mandy has helped hundreds of individuals and now reaches thousands through social media and her generous amount of worldwide TV appearances and public speaking engagements.

She has spoken at the US House of Representatives three times and is a regular at the World Economic Forum. She uses such platforms to raise awareness of global issues affecting women, children, and refugees. She has recently supported refugees from Ukraine, Sudan, Syria, and Iraq. Mandy has been involved in evacuating 398 Afghan refugees from Afghanistan with a team of women activists.

Mandy has supported victims of human trafficking and has been involved in supporting the UK government with complex modern slavery cases. 

Mandy has been one of the leads on vulnerable adults and forced marriages. She was involved in writing the guidelines on disability and honor-based violence for the Forced Marriages Unit. Inspired by the outcomes of the Beijing Conference in 1995, Mandy is a feminist and has been advocating for gender equality and girls’/women’s empowerment throughout her career. She has worked on programs to strengthen women’s political participation in local governance and economic empowerment globally. 

Mandy has worked on gender mainstreaming and action to end violence against women and children globally , promoting cross-regional programmatic collaboration. She advises government officials, local authorities, and providers on disability equality, participation, inclusion, and rights issues, as well as harmful practices and gender equality. 
Mandy has been involved in research and campaigning programs. She has led several projects with leading charities addressing cultural barriers, stereotypes, misconceptions, barriers, safeguarding, abuse, mentoring, participation, and rights as a global change maker.

Advocating for human rights and gender equality, she works with grassroots projects that help women and girls achieve their individual and collective potential, realize aspirations, and have an equal voice in communities worldwide.

Mandy has been a global voice tackling unconscious bias in tech and A I. Mandy has spoken at some of the world’s biggest tech summits, such as GITEX, CogX, Women of Silicon Valley Roundabout, and Teens In AI Data+AI summit, and she is speaking in Italy at We Make Future MEETICTBahrain.

Mandy has been involved in empowering the next generation to get involved in AI. She has had representatives from over 140 countries at her hackathons regarding AI for social good. She comes up with challenges and ideas.

Mandy has supported organizations and individuals to explore NFTs. Last year, she used art from refugees in Afghanistan to raise funds for them. Mandy is a global ambassador for ethics in AI and Tech.

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