Nonhle Beryl: Singing her way to the top in Germany

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with Sarona Wolter

​Nonhle Beryl is a South African born, German based singer and songwriter. With a vocal range that spans four octaves and a distinctive tone and timbre. Her unique singing style, her vocal flexibility,  and also an openness and understanding of different cultures sets her apart and keeps her delivering excellent performances repeatedly.  After completing her studies in the Performing Arts at both The New York Film Academy and the Tswhane University of Technology, Nonhle has built up an impressive resumé over the last decade.

She’s starred in musical productions such as Disney’s The Lion King, Hairspray, and Hair, just to name a few. She was also a contestant on The Voice of Germany  and on the premiere season of The X Factor South Africa. 

​Having performed in Switzerland, Holland, Italy, France, Russia, Egypt, and in addition to top German venues, Nonhle created NB Entertainment to cater to her ever growing private and corporate clientele in Germany, across Europe and beyond.

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