Workshop: Storytelling for Influence and Personal Branding


Learn to craft your story, your career journey so that it stands out and has influence.

  • 1:30 hours via Zoom Video Call
  • 9 May, 8:30 pm CET
  • €70 per person

What is it about?

So you keep hearing this word ‘storytelling’ like it’s some kind of cool buzzword in marketing. Is it?

Yes, but it’s more than that. You get to see how powerful your story is, all the things that worked and didn’t is a part of your story to own.

Telling your story, your career journey can raise your visibility and make an impact to people around you. As you develop a practice or habit of storytelling you will also start to feel more confident with the work you set out to do.

You now start to see it with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Whether it is digital storytelling or creating something of impact.

Maybe you just need help setting up your LinkedIn Profile and need a content plan, I got you!


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