A new year requires a new you, here's how to make small changes

By Vernita Rajpersad 
I wish you all peace in 2022.
It’s such a simple underestimated thing.
We don’t realize how much being in a toxic environment damages our personality, our health and perceptions. Toxicity may come from your home you live in, your workplace you go to daily or maybe people you have in your life.
We read these cliche lines everyday on social media about surrounding yourself with better people if you want to better yourself and it’s true.
You cannot remain in a relationship with a person who doesn’t care for your sadness if you want to be happy.
You cannot stay in a home where drama is the main dish served daily if you need it to be your sanctuary from the world.
And you cannot wake up daily and dedicate yourself to a job that costs you more than you earn.
Make small moves
Not everyone has the ability to jump ship. But slowly detaching yourself from situations will give you the strength to eventually do what’s important for your own happiness.
I know many people who complain about situations they are in, but do nothing about it. Unfortunately no one is going to come save you nor will it be easy decisions to make.
Take small steps next year.
Don’t be go to functions where insults are masked as jokes. Those are not people who love you.
Don’t help people who are only around when they need something from you. Those are not friends.
Don’t make an effort for relationships where you are always the one who sacrifices.
Life is such a mad rush to pay the bills that many of us don’t have the luxury of self reflection. The sooner you start doing it, the less you will regret as you age. We know so many people who will chat to you and say I really wish I had done this or I wish I hadn’t done that in life. They wouldn’t have these regrets if they took the time out to realize it then.
Don’t be that person who doesn’t realize their self worth until you can’t find yourself anymore.
Tomorrow is a new year…a new chance… a new opportunity to remold.
Just try. Happy New Year.

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