Zahirah Marty: What it takes to be a Travel Influencer

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Dubai based content creator, entrepreneur and TV presenter: host of US based travel show, Great Getaways, has been awarded ‘Best International Program’ at the Taste Awards in Los Angeles.
Zahirah Marty, who is based in Dubai for over 12 years, joined the Allen Media Group in early 2022 as the host of Great Getaways and Pets.TV; channels that focus on travel, lifestyle and wildlife around the world.

An avid traveler and destination curator, Zahirah focused much of her content for the show in the first year in and around the continent of Africa, with plans to expand to the Middle East in upcoming weeks.
Over the last few years, Zahirah has worked with many leading travel and tourism stakeholders from airlines to global hotel groups, and luxury mobility partners. Having visited many incredible destinations, this year sees the launch of Zahirah’s group tours, where she will host small groups of enthusiastic travelers around some of her favorite locations in the world, including her home city of Dubai.

When she isn’t traveling or creating destination content, Zahirah draws on her PR and marketing background, as well as her unique training skills to host corporate training sessions, panel discussions around travel and destination marketing, and speaks at leading global events. This year she was the keynote speaker at Africa’s first influencer conference held in Johannesburg, and was invited to speak at the Global Marketing Summit. Zahirah has worked with leading travel brands such as Visit Dubai, One and Only Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Four Seasons, Audi and many more.


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