Yolandi Van Der Watt


Against all odds: Yolandi Van Der Watt survived 2 bullets to the head

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with Sarona Wolter

Divorce Lawyer and litigation attorney Yolandi Van Der Watt survived a deadly divorce shooting that claimed the lives of three other people, including her father. After doctors declared a 1 percent chance of survival, Yolandi determined to beat the odds, fought back to regain her health. After eight months of being in recovery she returned back to her legal practice. She currently continues to fight for justice even in a backlogged and seemingly unfair legal justice system. Women litigation lawyers, like Yolandi, are some of our unsung sheroes.

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1 thought on “Against all odds: Yolandi Van Der Watt survived 2 bullets to the head”

  1. I lost my morher that day. But Yolandi you lost so much more. Your dad, your health challenge. I admire your fight and that you are there still to help many woman that are in the same situation. Thank you for all the help you gave my mother. I am just sorry that it came at such a cost to you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

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