Forging a Career in a Foreign Country with Mamuteane Mmutle

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What’s it like to forge a career in a foreign country, without the support structures and networks? 
Over the next few weeks, we chat with various women who are forging a career in a foreign country and we go into their mindset of how they overcame the culture shock, the language barriers and all the structures that prevent foreign women from climbing the corporate ladder. 

In this episode we chat with Mamuteane Mmutle. 

As the Managing Director for Lucid Berlin GmbH, Mamuteane Mmutle leads a team of creatives committed to conceptualising, designing, and implementing sustainable and innovative digital solutions with partners and clients committed to creating sustainable projects that positively impact communities and the planet.

In the past, she has also led scores of international teams toward efficiency through the concept and implementation of business processes with full project budget accountability. After over a decade of orchestrating multidisciplinary teams, her talents include needs analysis, customer experience enhancement, and quality assurance. 

Mamuteane Mmulte earned her Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and Management from the Mikpark Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa. She spearheaded multidisciplinary teams in the Financial, energy, NGO, Development corporation, and Government sectors within her career. Some of the most recent clients include  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Swiss foreign office, African Union Commission, and the Centre for women’s global leadership. Her expertise won the Star Performer Award from the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in  2004 and 2005. Mamuteane enjoys bringing structure and function to physical spaces when she’s not bringing order out of chaos.

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4 thoughts on “Forging a Career in a Foreign Country with Mamuteane Mmutle”

  1. Janine Benson-Martin

    Hi there,

    just want to say thank you for this wonderful podcast with this phenomenal woman.It was just such a wonderful reminder of our resilience as South African women!

    Both you and Mamuteane exude the warmth ,strength and authenticity we need to be reminded of….who we are, where we came from AND what we are capable of.

    Thank you
    Sending hugs

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