Margaret Hirsch: The Power of Reinvention

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Forty three years ago, Margaret Hirsch and her husband founded the family’s mega appliance store, Hirsch’s in South Africa. Today, Hirsch’s own 19 branches nationwide, it’s quite an achievement for the company’s humble beginnings. As Executive Director at Hirsch’s, Margaret has evolved into the brand’s ambassador, taking on social media like a pro. 

Margaret is also champion of women’s empowerment, having been there once herself. When she was 12 her father died leaving her mother to fend for herself and two small children. Margaret’s strong sense of survival and her positive attitude helped pull her family through the tough times. Having had to battle from an early age, she was determined to get ahead. 

Margaret went back to get her matric certificate at the age of 60, by the age of 70 she had her degree and her MBA, all while working full time on the business. 

A “jack of all trades,” Margaret is involved in the sales, invoicing, demonstrating, being a delivery person on the trucks, installing and demonstrating in customers’ homes and the social media marketing of the brand. 

“We have built Hirsch’s from a tiny little “mom and pop’s” store to a billion rand company and I hope that I will be an inspiration to others to know that they can live their dreams as well,” she says.

Personally I loved that Margaret has improved and reinvented herself to accommodate the changing landscape of the business world. I chatted to her about her how she’s had to reinvent herself over the years. So much wisdom was imparted. 

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1 thought on “Margaret Hirsch: The Power of Reinvention”

  1. I love Margaret Hirsch 🤗💕 I love this ,to know how she started and where she is today🙌 love watching her videos and her chats🤗
    A beautiful woman
    I don’t personally know her but love her 🌹
    Thank you and Happy Woman’s day 💕🌹

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