Workshop: Clearing Roadblocks: How to start that thing you’ve always wanted to do.


Join Sarona Wolter for some key learnings from producing my own podcast on how to get unstuck.

I share my experience on various things that worked and what didn’t.

Where I got stuck in my head and how I navigated my next steps.

Bring your own roadblocks and we can figure out what next.

Let’s gather and find solutions.

  • 1:30 hours via Zoom Video Call
  • 15 August, 9 pm CET
  • €75 per person

A few years ago I did my first live IG chat. I got a few compliments from people who said they liked my live chat on Instagram and that it made them think of their own creativity.

But what they didn’t know what that I was fumbling, using it as confidence booster, before actually doing that thing I really wanted to do.

Despite the compliments, I didn’t do it for the feedback. I did it to get over my own self-doubt. At the time I was planning to launch my own podcast. But then I got stuck in the research loop, listening to countless other podcasts and consuming endless content. But not actually starting.

Everything and everyone inspired me. I had lists and pages of ideas and possible people to interview but somehow I was afraid to launch. I was afraid that my measly offering of content, imperfectly produced and haphazardly packaged would not make a mark in the virtual world. I was afraid that not having the ‘right’ branding would render me a fraud. Who would bother listening to my uhms and ahs between questions. All of my doubts gave me an obvious case of ‘paralysis through analysis.’ I made countless excuses on why I couldn’t launch my podcast just yet, despite having acquired all the equipment that I needed.

So what changed? Join me for some key learnings on how to eliminate mental roadblocks that prevent you from getting started.

Early Bird Discount applies before the 31 July 2022.


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