RAHEL DEMANT: Are You for Real?

Hypewomen the Podcast
with Sarona Wolter

Rahel Demant is the co-founder of XR Bootcamp, a global academy for VR/AR development and training. She co-founded VR First, a global network organisation of over 850 universities and 410 Science Parks. Since its foundation in 2016, she has led the program to a network of thousands of developers. XR Bootcamp further supports the extended reality Creators community with free and open lectures and knowledge-sharing groups. Rahel’s mission is to demo-cratise VR/AR development worldwide through various support, teaching, and funding programs.

I wanted to chat to Rahel more about augmented reality and how it will play a role in business and our lives. Since she is passionate about tech,  and I was curious about tech trends for the not so distant future. ‘Are we going to be hanging out in the metaverse and what are the pros and cons of virtual reality?’ 

If you know nothing about tech, you will love this episode even more. 


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