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How to build your brand’s digital presence with Damla Hasenclever

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with Sarona Wolter

How they started: Damla Hasenclever talks about web development and how she started her business in Germany. 

Damla Hasenclever is the founder of Social Influence. With over a decade of marketing experience and a deep understanding of digital marketing, she’s refined her skills in leveraging web design and development to create positive change for creative entrepreneurs and service businesses. She specializes in crafting on-brand, mobile optimized and SEO friendly WordPress websites that align with your brand. Having lived in several countries, including Qatar, the UK, and Turkey, she is now based in Hamburg, Germany, where she collaborates with entrepreneurs from around the world.

She shared tips on SEO, and how to get your website to rank on Google. 

She revealed what her most fearless moment was..

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