Kate Mueser: The Girl with Twenty Fingers

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Novelist and  presenter: Kate Mueser talks to us about he debut novel, The Girl with Twenty Fingers. We discuss her book, her process and how she got this done while pregnant with twins.  

Kate Mueser was going to become a concert pianist, but instead became a bilingual storyteller with a penchant for music. She spent over a decade working for German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, where she reported and presented an award-winning documentary feature on the future of the book and hosted a TV show on German pop music, a web video series, and a youth radio show. Kate holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from Indiana University and a Masters Degree in Modern European Studies from Columbia University. A California native, she has spent nearly her entire adult life in Germany, with brief interruptions in New York City and Las Vegas. The Girl with Twenty Fingers, her debut novel, was largely written while she was pregnant with her twins, during her toddler’s naps.

Her reviews read as follows:
”This engrossing novel is a  multi-layered tale of love, loss, and the intricacies that come along with each, The Girl with Twenty Fingers follows a woman who finds her way back to music and herself through the unlikeliest of friendships. Filled with wonderfully flawed characters and lyrical prose, Mueser’s debut is sure to delight the senses. A must read for fans who love stories about secrets, family and second chances. ”

Kerry Lonsdale Wall Street Journal, Washington Post & Amazon Charts Bestselling Author

“In Kate Mueser’s Munich, strangers become friends, Mozart brings distant generations together, and piano duets underscore the doubts and hopes of asymmetrical human history. … But who in the story gives and who receives the greatest gift?”

Virginia Euwer Wolff
National Book Award-winning author of The Mozart Season

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