Sarona Wolter


How to Shoot your Shot

Hypewomen the Podcast
with Sarona Wolter

I love when people share their stories of how they got a new position or secured a new client, just by being the first one to reach out and offer their services. Hearing people’s thought processes and how they approach situations, whether they follow conventional wisdom or not. 
I love how some people train their brain to face their fears or the intrusive voices when they preserve with their plans and follow their visions. 

Women have been socially conditioned to not making the first move, or speaking out and sometimes even stand the risk of being punished or penalised for taking initiative. 

Once I learnt to overcome my own limiting beliefs, there have been many times when taking initiative first has shaped who I am and inspired me to take more risk. 

Share your story on social media of a time when you shot your shot, and tag us on LinkedIn, 
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Maybe your story will encourage and inspire other women out there. 

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