Meera Remani


Meera Remani: How Imposter Syndrome affects women of colour?

Hypewomen the Podcast
with Sarona Wolter

Imposter Syndrome is this chronic feeling when the voices in your head tell you that you are not good enough? But for women of colour and so many other women as well, cultural stereotyping is a double-edged sword for so many women.

We chat with leadership coach Meera Remani on her experiences with Imposter Syndrome as a woman of colour.

Meera is a multicultural leadership expert and coach supporting individuals and teams to achieve success on their goals and elevate their life quality. She combines her 16 years of successful leadership experience across the USA, India, Germany and Poland, in companies such as P&G and Amazon, across functions such as IT, Supply Chain and Consulting, with coaching best practices to support clients. The impact of her work extends to individuals, teams and organizations across the world, including Singapore, Dubai, Europe and the USA. She is originally from India and now resides in Munich, Germany with her husband.

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