How To Develop An Abundance Mindset

On my episode ‘How To Develop An Abundance Mindset‘ of Hypewomen The Podcast, I shared my experience when I moved to Germany originally as a brown girl who didn’t speak the language. I was seen as the immigrant wife, I had no access to childcare as a new mother, and my law degree seemed to be a useless piece of paper in a country where I couldn’t practice as a lawyer in the local language.

It would have been easy to look at the obstacles, challenges, and roadblocks and felt overwhelmed and discouraged, but instead I started to investigate what my opportunities were.

Focusing on the room for abundance and growth, rather than being outcome-focussed and feeling like what you need is in short supply is the difference between an abundance mindset and a scarcity mindset – and the key to good mental health, and personal and professional success.

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Are you someone who sees failure as stepping stone to success or a sign of your own inability to do something – so you might as well stop trying? Cultivating a resilient abundance mindset in the midst of personal challenges, as well as global challenges like war or a pandemic can make all the difference for your life. Joseph Pilates, the founder of the movement Pilates, started his research into how body weight movement could keep people healthy while in an internment camp during WW2. He was so determined to remain strong and healthy, and keep his fellow prisoners strong, that he used what he had to create a something that’s now used around the Western world.

So how can you start navigating stumbling blocks from a place of abundance rather than scarcity? Here are ten tips.

1. Focus on opportunities

When you’re feeling frustrated by life, focus on the opportunities that you have over the disappointments and challenges that you face.

2. Be inspired by others

Rather than being jealous or feeling like a failure when you see others succeeding, be inspired! There is an abundance of success to be had – not a scarcity. Yours will come.

3. Share information and collaborate with others

A scarcity mindset holds onto the information, tips, secrets, and knowledge that they have. An abundance mindset shares and collaborates and helps others grow – like a hypewoman!

4. Learn from criticism

An abundance mindset focuses on the process over the outcome, meaning that criticism and failure are both useful sources of information that can improve the process of growth.

5. Be willing to make mistakes

Being will to make bold moves that might fail is a hallmark of an abundance mindset. The scarcity mindset tries to appear perfect in front of colleagues and clients, but to grow you need to make mistakes.p

6. Be willing to learn challenging skills

Don’t label yourself as ‘not a people person’ – rather be willing to learn the skill of engaging with people and turn it into a strength, rather than a weakness.

7. Use what you have

When I started teaching legal English to German lawyers, I used the skills and knowledge I had, rather than focussing on the skills I didn’t have, like fluent German.

8. Practice gratitude

Daily gratitude practice has been shown to increase your happiness and help you focus on being present and being effective with what you already have.

9. Train your brain to recognise possibilities

Start reacting to roadblocks by training your brain to figure out what possibilities you have – rather than focusing on how the roadblock stops you from reaching your outcome.

10. Surround yourself with others who have an abundance mindset

Surrounding yourself with a community of others who are willing to take risks, be grateful, and practice an abundance mindset is the best way to help you practice it!

Hypewomen the Podcast is your digital community of women who focus on abundance over scarcity. We hype each other up, share knowledge, and encourage the growth of women around the world. Join us!

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