International Women’s Day: Break The Bias

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, is ‘Break the Bias.’  Although many of our guests on Hypewomen the Podcast break biases, we gathered five episodes that we think can help you tackle biases in 2022. These range from finance, technology, business and sport, and a few examples of bias that still affect everyday life from around the globe.

Take a look at our roundup and have a listen this International Women’s Day!

break the bias international womens day

Our Top 5 #BreakTheBias Podcasts:

Karen Altfest financial welath management bias

Karen Altfest: Women In Finance

Wealth asset management has a reputation of being a male dominated space, and only about 15% of financial advisors across the globe are women across the world.

Karen Altfest started out in the financial world in the 80s, and has grown into one of the most successful wealth managers in New York. Despite the challenges she faced from the beginning (she was told that she couldn’t have a career in banking or finance when in college), she now runs a billion dollar personal wealth management company in new York.

Karen believes that despite the narrative to the contrary, women actually make better wealth advisors than men because they listen to their clients and communicate what they’re doing.

Listen to this episode for tips on how to become one of the growing group of successful financial advisors!

Melissa Romero: Taking Space In The World Of Business

Melissa Romero heads up  Lean In in the Netherlands, an orginasation with the explicit mission of empowering women to become leaders in the workplace. Melissa explains that biases in the workplace (against women as well as other marginalised groups) come from stereotypes that help people form an idea of who they think someone should be. Often she would be evaluated as a Colombian-American, not based on her competence.

Melissa believes that your upbringing influences your own internalised biases against yourself, leading to women taking a caretaking, backseat role in business, rather than promoting themselves.  

She also recognises that biases in the workplace against women means that if you’re confident and self-promoting, you’re seen a too much, while men have the room to be confident as well as nice.

We recommend this episode for any female entrepreneurs out there looking for a boost.

Melissa Romero
Anne Flore Marxer

Anne-Flore Marxer: A Female Narrative In Professional Snowboarding

Biases within sport are still very much alive. Anne explains that as a female competitive athlete, she found that many routes banned women from competing, citing the danger, that female athletes often won as little as only 50% of the male prize money amounts.

Anne-Flore started a petition, gaining hundreds of signatures from women saying they could tackle same jumps as men could.

She also noted that women competitions let women compete last, after three times the number of male athletes compared to female athletes were allowed to compete on pristine snow that’s perfect for showing off performance, female athletes were expected to make do in bad conditions, often in failing light. –

Sportswomen of the world, listen to this episode and be inspired by the great steps Anne-Flore has taken: and then go out and shred!

Dr Eva Marie Muller-Stuler: Is AI Sexist? Breaking The Bias of AI

Amazons AI recruitment function that discriminated against female applicants got pulled from its trials in 2018, but its hardly an outlier in the world of AI (or in the world in general?).

We spoke to, Dr Muller-Stuler, a trusted advisor to both governments and international bodies like the UN about how her work helps to being a female perspective to AI to make it more effective for all its users.

Dr Muller explained that AI needs data to work, but that a lot of the data, as well as the people using and training the AI, are all contributing towards AI biases with their own internalised biases.

The world of tech needs women! This episode is a fascinating look into opportunities for women in every sphere of tech and even those simply interested in a more equitable world.

Dr Eva Marie Muller
Sarona Wolter

She-Splains: Quick Satirical Sound Bites Based On News From Around The World

America: Joe Rogan said he’s afraid that he won’t be allowed to speak up anymore as a white cis male. Margaret Atwood sums up the condition of womanhood saying that women have a fear too: that of being killed.

South Africa: South African law allows for polygamous marriages between one man and multiple wives, but what about women that want multiple husbands?

Toronto: the founder of Knix, Joanna Griffiths, raised her own capital rather than relying on male investors that questioned her competence as a pregnant woman.

Germany: Tampon disposal as designed and explained by men: more pink tax products!

All satirically explored by our host, Sarona Wolters. Listen here!

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